About MOS

At Men of Style we ‘present the many styles of the modern man’. We explore the latest in mens style and fashion plus discover brands and cool new products from the UK and around the world to elevate your lifestyle.


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Men of Style – Our History

Created in 2015 by a team of dedicated fashion, grooming, footwear and lifestyle fans,  Men of Style is growing and shaping up to be an influential voice for men’s fashion, style and lifestyle in the UK.


At Men of Style we offer updates on style, design, upcoming brands, grooming, fragrances, travel, the latest gadgets and technology that you have got to have, interior design and homewares reviews and news.


MOS – Affiliate Disclosure

Our product reviews are unbiased, independent and reliable. Although we may earn revenue if you click on the link and proceed to buy products from retailers we have never allowed this to bias our reviews on fashion, footwear and lifestyle products.




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