Affiliate Disclosure is a website that is operated without financial backing and that means that we will at times present potential offers and items that are being offered for sale by leading fashion retailers for your viewing.

As a user of our site, you are not under any obligation to view, purchase or inquire about any of the products that we provide links to and encourage you to only view the content that causes natural interest from yourself.

We do not provide sponsored advertising posts at this current time in order to protect the integrity of the brand and our fashion writers opinions, allowing all of the content that is produced by our editorial team to be factual and true to their own opinions.

Should this change, any posts that are placements of advertisements outside of our own recommendations will be marked as such, with a tag placement within the starting of the post which will contain a ‘#S’ marker so that our readers can see that the opinions and comments within the post are those of a third party and not those of our editorial team here at MenOfStyle.

Should you wish to ask for further information about this style of posting if you locate one, please contact with your questions and we will strive to provide the answers that you require as long as legally acceptable.

Affiliate Commissions

Throughout the website you will notice that there are a variety of banners and link placements within the layout and content of the site, these can often contain affiliate links that are provided by leading affiliate networks and allow us to link to specific products, items or services that we have mentioned within the content that we provide.

If you click on these links, a small referral cookie will be placed onto your browser to signal that have referred your visit to the resulting retailer website, however no other personal information will be passed along with that referral.

If you were to choose to make a purchase on the forthcoming website, a small portion of the final cost of your purchase would be rewarded to through an affiliation programme network, and a small amount would be credited to the account that we hold with that specific retailer.

The funds are granted by the retailer and will not affect your funds or order in any manner and the contribution that we receive from the retailers help to maintain and improve the website through additional content and general hosting and maintainance costs.

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