Slow Cabins Promises To Take You Off Grid With Secretly Located Eco-Cabins

Slow Cabins Promises To Take You Off Grid With Secretly Located Eco-Cabins
4th May 2018 James Patrick
slow cabins off the grid eco cabins

Slow Cabins is a Belgian start-up that will take you off the grid temporarily, to enjoy the natural untouched surroundings nearest to you whilst enjoying modern conveniences in an Eco cabin. Modern life has several conveniences that have simplified life for us, however it can be hectic and demanding. Slow Cabins offers an opportunity to exchange the urban busy life for the simplicity and tranquility of nature; to get away from it all without actually going far.



slow cabins off the grid eco cabins

Photo Credit: Slow Cabins



Location of Slow Cabins


slow cabins off grid eco cabins

Photo Credit: Slow Cabins


The holiday company’s Eco cabins are located less than 2 hours driving distance, in quiet surroundings away from busy areas in secret locations across Belgium, with new locations planned in Belgium and Europe. To add intrigue, Slow Cabins keeps the exact location of your rental home secret until you confirm your booking.


In case safety is your concern, Slow Cabins’ locations are selected with your safety in mind according to the off grid holiday company. The cabins are located in places easily accessible by local emergency services, local authorities are made aware of your stay and each cabin is equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.



Off Grid Experience With Slow Cabins


slow cabins off the grid eco cabins

Photo Credit: Slow Cabins


Going off grid enables you to slow down and accept the slow rhythm of life, you also get to appreciate and develop respect for nature and the environment. Your stay is also a practice in self-sufficiency through conscious use of resources such as energy and water. The ‘zero impact’ living, achievable even during the winter months involves the use of solar power and filtered rain water.


Slow Cabins also offers information, tips on the your new environment including recommendations on fun activities to do locally, additional services are available to be included in your application such as bike rental and wellness retreats if you feel the need to add more experiences to your stay.


Food and drink options include a selection of the highest quality local seasonal produce referred to as ‘slow food basket’ available for breakfast or dinner. The food is carefully prepared and delivered to the cabin by local farmers.



Slow Cabins’ Off Grid Options


slow cabins off grid eco cabins interiors

Photo Credit: Slow Cabins


There are three accommodation options available, ‘Time For Two’ a solar powered Eco cabin that can accommodate 2-3 people for a minimum of 2 nights.



‘Time For Family’ is a slightly larger cabin that can accommodate 2 couples or a family of 3-5 people. The option offers 2 sleeping places featuring large glass windows, eco mattresses and sheets and a central fully equipped kitchen.


slow cabins off the grid eco cabins

Photo Credit: Slow Cabins


The third option, ‘Time For Focus’ is for those who are after meeting spaces away from the busy city but close enough to your workplace. The off-the-grid meeting space has extras such as lunch, refreshments and internet that can be added to your order to facilitate your meeting.


For more information, and if you are interested in experiencing the off-the-grid stay, then check out Slow Cabins for booking and more details.


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