Unyoked Offers A True Off-The-Grid Experience With Their Cabins In The Aussie Bush

Unyoked Offers A True Off-The-Grid Experience With Their Cabins In The Aussie Bush
6th May 2018 James Patrick

Australian startup Unyoked offers a true off-the-grid holiday experience allowing you to disconnect from the busy life, the 9-5 grind and connect with untouched nature and local wildlife in a tiny house. Launched in 2017 by twin brothers Chris and Cam Grant, the accommodation startup aims to bring adventure and balance to the daily life. 


The Melbourne based holiday company offers an alternative getaway experience that could be what you need given how hectic and demanding the day to day life is. Imagine walking into the Aussie countryside and stumbling upon a tiny house or cabin? that’s the kind of getaway experience the founders were aiming to create by keeping the exact location of your holiday rental secret until you have confirmed booking.


Initially, Unyoked designed and built two eco-cabins with the assistance of Fresh Prince and Archemy Modular for their first location in the Southern Highlands. They have since expanded the locations of their tiny houses within NSW and to Melbourne.


Unyoked off-the-grid cabins

Photo Credit: Unyoked



Unyoked off the grid holidays

Photo Credit: Unyoked


How it works is that, Unyoked partners with local landowners to unlock locations for its tiny houses. This provides an opportunity for landowners to generate extra income from their unused land and for Unyoked to offer new secret locations that could have otherwise not been explored.


The location of each tiny house is carefully selected to ensure it meets the set criteria; it has to be secluded and in an area with wildlife. The wooden tiny houses feature large windows providing great views, solar power, beds, composting toilet, firewood and kitchen appliances including foodstuffs such as milk, tea and others.


Unyoked is working on making its sustainable holidays dog friendly, at the moment you can expect to interact with nature and enjoy local wildlife on your holiday stays.


Unyoked Off the grid adventure

Phot Credit: Unyoked




Unyoked’s Collaborations


unyoked off the grid holidays

Photo Credit: Unyoked


To make your Unyoked holiday even better, the independent holiday accommodation provider has collaborated with Penguin Books Australia ensuring each cabin has a selection of curated books.


Their latest offering is Cabin Days, a ‘Writers residency in the wilderness’ in collaboration with Writers Bloc meant to help writers find their flow by going off the grid.


unyoked off the grid sustainable holidays

Photo Credit: Unyoked


The start-up has also collaborated with Capital Brewing to ensure the cabins are supplied with beers adding that one more comfort item that you’ll be delighted to share with your mates.



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