The Gap Chair: Practical and Space Saving Stacking Chairs by Osko + Deichmann

The Gap Chair: Practical and Space Saving Stacking Chairs by Osko + Deichmann
28th April 2018 James Patrick
gap chair by osko and deichmann

Gap chairs by Osko + Deichmann combine practicality with sophistication making them well suited for use in places such as restaurants, cafes or any space where there is a need to easily move furniture, stack up chairs to make room for more seating. 

gap chair by osko and deichmann


The chairs feature a cross base and a cutout in the wooden seat designed to make room for the pole of the next chair allowing for stacking. The design transforms the gap chair into a unique chair that looks good and offers many practical benefits for use in any space.


About Osko + Deichmann Design Studio


Osko + Deichmann is a design studio based in Berlin, founded in 2005 by two guys – Osko and Deichmann with a focus on developing products “with a strong concept and timeless distinctive aesthetics”.


Their products have been shown at various museums in Germany and at international design events such as the International Design Biennial Saint Étienne.




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