A Smartly Designed Deskbar For All The Things You Are Bound To Lose

A Smartly Designed Deskbar For All The Things You Are Bound To Lose
7th May 2017 James Patrick
Home Tower Desk Bar

A cluttered workspace or desk is likely to leave you overwhelmed, however to boost productivity and create a positive working environment – a well organised and clean desk is important. Check out our review of the smartly designed desk bar to help keep your desk organised and neat.


Whether we are at the office or home, there are small things that are much easier to lose such as your watch, coins, keys, cards and many more. Not only are these items hard to keep hold of, they can clutter your workspace if not organised properly.


The Yamazaki Home Tower Desk Bar is an intelligently designed desk bar to help organise all of the things you can lose easily.



Yamazaki Home Tower Desk Bar



The Yamazaki Home Tower Desk Bar


The Yamazaki Home Tower desk bar is aesthetically pleasing, making it a great modern addition to your workspace or desk that you are bound to be proud of.


Home Tower Desk Bar


The desk bar features  two compartments to keep pens, pencils, a remote, ruler and a tray to throw all of your hard to manage small stuff such as keys, cards and coins. It also has a subtle gap where a smartphone can lean at an angle and a wooden bar to hang a watch.


Apart from loose paper, this desk bar is well designed to keep your desk or workspace clean and organised by providing one central spot where you can access those easy to lose items.


Weighing just 635g and about 10cm long by 11cm high and a width about 25cm. The Yamazaki desk bar is unlikely to take over your precious desk or workspace. In fact it will keep your things well organised leaving enough room for all the other fun things you love to do on your desk.


This modern organiser comes in two colours – black or white and can be purchased from Amazon for £23.48.

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