Henty CoPilot – A Garment Bag For The Active Types & Travellers

Henty CoPilot – A Garment Bag For The Active Types & Travellers
23rd October 2016 James Patrick
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Henty CoPilot is a garment bag or suit carrier designed with active people (those of us who cycle to work or have pre-work gym sessions), commuters and frequent travellers in mind. The Copilot consists of an outer garment bag and an inner bag that can be used together or separately giving you the choice of two bags for the price of one.


Henty Copilot’s Design and Features


henty copilot garment bag

Henty CoPilot


The key features of the bag that makes the CoPilot an outstanding bag when compared with other bags in the market is that the CoPilot allows you to transport your clothes crease free, it is sized for carry-on airport luggage – it transforms into a carry-on luggage when rolled and it is designed with several features for adventure allowing you to move freely and take part in adventure activities such as pre-work gym sessions (for the gym junkies), running or biking while carrying it.


The outer garment bag rolls up nicely around the inner bag, simply roll and secure with the durable clips and you are ready to go running, cycling and other adventures. You get to choose from two outer garment bag options (messenger or backpack style) and colour and fabric options as well.



outer garment for the henty copilot garment bag

Outer Garment Bag


You also get to choose from four inner bag options: dry bag, single pocket tube, messenger or backpack. Both the outer garment bag and inner bag come in standard dark and grey colours and Cordura 500D fabric with an optional premium colour and fabric add-ons.



mens garment bag - henty copilot

Inner Bag




Who Can Use the Henty Copilot

If you are currently jamming your clothes in a suit bag, a small backpack or a carry-on bag then chances are your clothes come out creased and wrinkled. The Henty CoPilot is the bag for you if you want a better way of transporting your clothes whenever you are on the move so that you can arrive at your destination with your suit or work attire still looking sharp.


Whether you are looking for an adventure bag or a garment bag that you can strap on and transport your attire while cycling to work, commuting to work or simply a bag to use for your pre-work gym sessions, then the Copilot is the bag  for you.


Henty CoPilot is well designed with dozens of features to help solve some of your transportation problems. So, if you are in the market for an adventure bag or a garment bag, then check out the CoPilot.


Henty CoPilot



About Henty

Henty (the Company) was founded in 2012 by two Aussie mates Jeremy and Jon who were looking to solve the problem often experienced by bikers and commuters when transporting business attire to and from the office where clothes crease or fold and thus they are never ready to wear.


The Copilot has evolved from the very first prototype they developed – the Wingman after several iterations and improvements to be the effective multi-purpose garment bag it is today for safely transporting the work wardrobe.


Henty is based in Tasmania Australia from where they continue to develop innovative and clever ‘carry’ products which they sell to many countries.


Check Henty Copilot’s campaign on Kickstarter; you can also buy the Basic Copilot (USD 189), the Sports Copilot (Early Bird for USD 229) and the Ultimate Sports Bundle that consists of the outer bag, sports messenger or backpack and the tube or dry bag for USD 299 from Kickstarter.

Buy The Henty Copilot or View More Details from Kickstarter



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