Sustainably Made Menswear Shoes Combine Style With Ethical Responsibility

Sustainably Made Menswear Shoes Combine Style With Ethical Responsibility
3rd May 2018 James Patrick

Manufacturing footwear from recycled material is not a new trend, however its one that is growing with footwear giants such as Adidas and Timberland and even fashion label Hugo Boss doing their part in creating ‘sustainable’ footwear and contributing to a cleaner planet by marrying style with ethical responsibility.


The use of sustainable fabrics, which in most cases are made from recycled material adds a social and responsibility dimension to the value of a brand.


Below we highlight some of the latest sustainably made menswear shoes from some of your favourite retailers and where you can buy a pair for yourself.


Hugo Boss Menswear Trainers In Pinatex



As a show of its commitment to using sustainable materials, Hugo Boss released menswear trainers made from Pinatex – a leather alternative. The limited edition 100% vegan trainers feature a Pinatex upper finished with natural plant based dyes, lightweight sole made from recycled TPU and organic cotton laces. In continuation with the theme of sustainability, even the paper box packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable, crafted from 100% recovered fibre.



The fashion label Hugo Boss is among the first retailers to use Pinatex, an innovative natural material manufactured from pinneaple leaf fibres.


Images Via Hugo Boss


The trainer collection is available in black, blue, brown and yellow from Boss stores online and in store.



Thread X Timberland Collaboration



In backing the sustainable fashion trend, Timberland has unveiled boots made from recycled old plastic harvested from Haiti. The development is in collaboration with Thread International, a social impact start-up that ‘turns trash into money’ by working with locals in developing countries such as Haiti to collect plastic bottles from the beaches, landfills and streets to create responsible fabrics used to develop a range of outdoor apparel such as boots, t-shirts and backpacks.


Timberland men's Thread canvas boots

Photos Credit: Timberland


Threads works with more than 1300 Haitian plastic collectors who sell plastic to 50 collection centers from where its sorted and transported for recycling in the capital Port-au-Prince. The recycled plastic is broken down into flakes, heated up and passed through an extruder forming a polyester-like material.


Thread x Timberland canvas boots

Timberland Men’s Canvas Boots Olive


Timberland Men’s Canvas Boots White


Footwear products made from Thread’s Good To Ground fabric include men’s canvas Timberland boots featuring a canvas-like upper and men’s Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka Boots.

Timberland Men's Newport Bay 6 Inch Canvas Boots Gray

Timberland Men’s Newport Bay 6 Inch Canvas Boots Gray



Timberland Men's Newport Bay 6 Inch Canvas Boots White

Timberland Men’s Newport Bay 6 Inch Canvas Boots White


The collection of sustainably made Thread x Timberland men’s canvas boots and the sporty canvas chukka boots is available from Timberland, in olive canvas, white and gray colours with prices ranging from $75 to $160.



Adidas UltraBoost Uncagged  Parley


adidas ultraboost uncagged parley sneakers

Adidas Ultraboost Uncagged Parley Sneakers


Every year 7.2 billion kilograms of plastic makes its way into the world’s oceans according to Global Citizen, Adidas’ UltraBoost Uncagged Parley running shoe made from 95% recycled plastic is part of the label’s iniative to clean up the oceans and incorporate more sustainable measures in its supply chains in response to the challenges of climate change.


Adidas Ultraboost Uncagged Parley Sneakers




The UltraBoost Uncagged Parley sneakers were developed in collaboration with a not-for-profit organisation, Parley for the Oceans committed to reducing the oceans of plastic. The German brand, expanded production of the sustainable ultraboost Parley sneakers in 2017 and signalled intentions to increase the use of plastic in more of its product lines.


Adidas Ultraboost Uncagged Parley Sneakers

Images Credit: Adidas


Made from Parley Ocean Plastic material crafted from recycled plastic collected from beaches and communities near the Maldives, the UltraBoost Uncagged Parley sneakers features the familiar UltraBoost silhouette and an Adidas Primeknit upper.


Retailing at $220 each, the UltraBoost x Parley sneakers are available from Adidas stores.


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