Make A Bold Statement With Juch Footwear: Authentically Crafted In Paris

Make A Bold Statement With Juch Footwear: Authentically Crafted In Paris
19th June 2017 James Patrick

An increase in the number of chain stores selling the same products means that whenever you go shopping you are likely to see the same brands on offer. However, there is nothing more satisfying than having a unique look in your choice of footwear or clothing in today’s cities where we can feel overwhelmingly uniform at times. JUCH is an authentically crafted Parisian footwear brand with heart and sole that has chosen to revisit the footwear classics that we have come to love over time offering you a unique experience.



Express Your Individuality With Juch’s Footwear Style


Juch Footwear

Photo Credit: Juch


The French shoe brand have taken on the trend-driven footwear industry with enthusiasm, the outcome is beyond your average pair of shoes. We are all different and with Juch you can express that uniqueness by finding footwear style suited to you individually.


Juch is the creation of Parisian couple Julia and Charles Hugo whose shared passion and admiration for beautiful shoes and travelling led them to launch Juch in 2015; their collection of shoes are inspired by their travel and the cultures they have come across.



Combining Timeless Design With Eco-Friendly Production


Taranta calf velvet -red scarlet - Juch Sneakers

Taranta Juch Sneakers: Image Credit Juch


The Parisian footwear brand has successfully demonstrated that looking good doesn’t have to cost the earth. Their shoes are meticulously designed in Paris and made at their workshop based in countryside Porto where European standards and the environment are respected.


Knowing that you are wearing shoes made from carefully selected materials with the environment and aesthetic appeal as a priority gives you the assurance that your choice of footwear is good for your style and the environment.



Quality And Luxury At A Much Softer Cost


Juch’s collection of shoes are made from refined material offering high quality and a luxurious appearance at a fair price that will not hurt your pocket. Whether you are into sneakers or boots or whatever your profession you can find a footwear style to make a bold statement with from the Juch collection.


From stitching to the use of organically tanned soft calfskins, Juch have kept their promise of delivering high quality footwear guaranteed to last long while looking great.



Fischer Boots From Juch


Fischer Boots - Juch Footwear Paris

Fischer Boots: Image Credit Juch



The best selling Fischer Boots are fine tuned by expert leather workers to adapt to your feet hence providing unparalleled comfort. The boots are made from smooth leather and soft calfskins – a strong material chosen for its durability and the tendency to age well, leaving your boots looking good with time.


fischer boots - juch footwear

Image Credit: Juch


The signature Blake Stitching – featuring a fine, slender and strong seam was specifically chosen to optimize shape and provide longevity.


Juch Fischer Calf Velvet

Juch Fischer Calf Velvet: Image Credit Juch



Taranta Collection of Juch Sneakers


taranta juch sneakers - cobalt blue

Taranta Juch Sneakers Cobalt Blue: Image Credit Juch



Taranta Juch Sneakers

Taranta Juch Sneakers: Image Credit Juch



Roseicollis Collection


Roseicollis - dessert earth-juch sneakers

Roseicollis Dessert Earth Juch Sneakers



Roseicollis marsa juch sneakers

Roseicollis Marsa Juch Sneakers: Image Credit Juch



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