7 Solutions To Mens Hair Problems..Wear Your Hair With Pride

7 Solutions To Mens Hair Problems..Wear Your Hair With Pride
19th February 2016 Marcus Kilgallon
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There are so many aspects of your look that you have control over, however your hair seems to cast a shadow into that area especially if you are someone that starts to see those thick locks slowly becoming thinner or even worse receding from your hair line. Below are seven solutions that will enable you to take hair problems in your stride.



We know that many of you reading this will be sporting a particular hair style to suit the look that you are trying to achieve. After all getting the right look comes down to more than just the clothes you wear. There will be a time that nature begins to take hold of some of the control that you have over your hair and you will be faced with obstacles along the way but we are here to help.


When it comes to your hair, although many like to believe that it is not the case, your hair and how aging affects it can be hugely down to your genes, which means that if most men in your family have suffered from balding then there is a high chance that you will experience balding at some point in your life.


Naturally there are ways to not only take care of your hair but to reduce the effects that time has against your hair as well as a couple of other issues that can affect you even at a young age.


Below we highlight the most common men’s hair problems and provide tips widely shared by other professionals to fight back and try to regain some control over your hair.



#1. Dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that millions of men and women have to face within their lifetime and it is certainly not something that you should be panicking about, instead you need to take a moment to think about what it really is that is causing it, a dry scalp.


It isn’t something that you should be ashamed to have, even though the thought of being covered in flakes of skin can be a little stomach turning, but Dr. Joshua Zeichner a dermatologist from Mount Sinai Hospital revealed that it is completely natural and the cause is “likely to be an allergic reaction to fungus that occurs naturally on everyone’s scalp”.


Dandruff Solution

Dandruff can be an easy problem to deal with and over-the-counter products are on hand to be able to offer you the first stage of the process to a flake-free scalp.


Products such as Selsun Blue aren’t traditionally sold on the supermarket shelves however should be available at your local pharmacy and contain a number of ingredients that are formulated to deal with the main cause of dandruff creation.


Speak with your pharmacist to see what they have along the same lines if they don’t stock Selsun Blue and give it chance to take action, however should the issue persist you are advised to speak to a dermatologist.



#2. Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair


Thinning hair comes to men across the globe and is often harder to detect yourself than if you were experiencing a receding hairline for example, simply due to it often being most evident in the areas of your hair that are not visible in the mirror at first glance.


How to Treat Thinning Hair

Just because you have thinning hair doesn’t mean that you are going to lose it completely, it comes as a sign of age and is experienced by millions every year.


As much as men seem to worry about the effects that it has on their appearance, the best way to be able to tackle it is to manage it, both through the products that you use on your hair and by the hairstyle you opt for next time you step into the barbers.


Boswell Scot, the owner of Best Barber NYC in New York explained that his tip for any men that find that they have started to suffer from thinning hair is that they should ask their barber to thin the density of their hair to the prevent the thinner areas from being as noticed by others through the reduction of contrast within the style.


In terms of the best products for thinning hair, you need to be throwing those heavyweight products in the bin and look for something a little lighter, something that isn’t going to saturate your hair and make the problem more visible.


Malin + Goetz hair pomade (£21.38) is one product that seems to be widely mentioned as a great alternative to your more traditional hair products with Scot also in agreement to the benefits that it offers, “This will provide hold, control and volume without weighing down or making your hair look oily or dirty.”



#3. Fine Hair

Unlike some of the other problems that we have featuring here on the list, fine hair is less about time taking its toll and is more down to the hand that you were dealt when you were born, sorry guys.


If you suffer from fine hair, you will have already established that some of the products that are available to you on the market are too heavy for your hair, making it appear greasy or even thinner than it is normally.


Colin McCarty, a stylist at Bumble and Bumble revealed that men that suffer from fine hair tend to opt for short hair styles due to them being easier to manage, however McCarty suggests that this could well be the wrong approach, instead saying that those with fine hair should instead be looking to use a hair dryer to add volume and body to their hair.


Best Products To Tackle Fine Hair

McCarty suggested that men that suffer from fine hair need to be looking to only use products that are designed for that. Citing that he is firm in the belief that BB Styling Creme or BB Texture (both by Bumble and Bumble) are great products to help you give that full bodied look.



#4. Thick / Curly Hair

close-up of a man checking his hair in the mirror


Thick or curly hair can be a nightmare for those that suffer from it, getting a style to suit can often take a lot of preparation and hair care in order to be able to achieve the same look twice and that is why it is widely considered to be a problem.


As the summer heat gets set to kick it up a notch, the risk of thick and curly hair suffering from a frizzy appearance is heightened, which can often leave it untamable if left alone.


Best Way for Men to Deal with Thick or Curly Hair

Learning to deal with hair that is thick, curly or even both can be a long process, especially if you want to be able to use your hair as part of your general style.


With that in mind, the best mentality to take as you line up for that summer sun is to adopt a shorter hairstyle, reducing the length of the hair and minimising the frizzy effects that heat generates.


As well as thinking carefully about your hairstyle, there are products such as Julien Farel De-Frizz Relaxing Balm that are designed to enhance your hair with the vitamins and moisture it needs in order to fight back and retain control.



#5. Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is a common issue for plenty of guys and it can creep up on you without you even noticing it happen but the fact is that unless you are about to invest thousands into having your hair transplanted to fight back, you are going to have to embrace it and think smart.


When those corners of your hairline begin to make their way backwards, its time to start thinking about your hairstyle and how you can give the impression that you wanted that additional forehead to peep through.


Jeffery Yabut, master barber at Julien Farel in New York suggests that if you suffer from a receding hairline, you shouldn’t be looking to force your hairstyle into “a comb over”.


Receding Hairline Treatments

Finding a product that will help you fight this battle isn’t easy, especially if you are looking for one that is able to back up their claims to be able to regenerate your youth, so because of that its time to take alternative action by changing your hairstyle.


Yabut revealed that if you are looking to keep attention away from your receding hair you need to be looking for a “natural-looking” style that can be complemented by the way in which your hair is cut.


To create a fuller appearance you need to be looking to keep a little length on top and don’t take the sides of your style too short, instead look to create a look with the lines that you have.



#6. Grey Hair

Gray Hair


As age begins to catch up with you, you may well notice that the natural colour within your hair begins to lack pigment naturally, causing tell tale gray hairs to appear within your hair. Now this is a natural occurance and not something that you should be ashamed of, however no man ever wants to show his true age when it comes to finding ‘nature’s highlights’ within your style.


The age old solution has always been that men have turned to hair dye in a bid to mask their gray or in some cases, have even attempted to allow the colour change to happen and wear it with pride, however with advancements in men’s grooming products, there are a number of products on the market that claim to be able to fight back against the loss of hair colour, enriching your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to hold its natural colour longer.


Grey Hair Solution

Obviously if you are suffering from gray hairs appearing within your hair, there are options out there that will allow you to take reactive measures to hide their appearance, such as using a specially created hair dye for men, for example Just For Men is widely available at supermarkets and chemists, but knowing what you can do to slow down the cause of grey hair is a little less public.


The main aspect of fighting back the signs of aging in this instance is to cut back on products that contain sulfates out of your hair, including shampoos that are well known to strip good oils and minerals out of your hair along with the dirt.


If you would like to try to hold grey hair at bay for as long as possible, think about checking out either American Crew Grooming Cream (US brand – £12.50 here) or wash with Pure Renewal Shampoo by Aveeno.


However, if you already have the gray hair then there are ways to make it work for you. This Mens Health guide should provide you with tips on how to manage your gray hair to look your best.

american crew grooming cream - solutions to men's hair problems

Image Credit: Mankind

Buy from Mankind UK



#7. Balding

Potentially one of the most feared hair related issues that any man has to consider, going bald is something that can cause men to not only lose their hair but also their self-confidence and although millions of men across the world experience some level of balding each and every year, it still comes with a strong desire to avoid it for as long as physically possible.


Now being faced with hair loss, thinning and balding at the same time, as is commonly seen, is never going to be easy for any man that loves to keep on trend with more than the latest seasonal wardrobe but sometimes things need to be done in order to fight back.


Balding / Going Bald Solution

One option is to look at medication that is offered however many of those that have been tested and approved are prescription based, such as Propecia, but don’t be drawn into any off the shelf solutions that make bold claims without substance.


Another way in which to handle the issue of balding is potentially the hardest for any hair fashion lover to take, to wear it with pride and style accordingly.


There seems to be too many men out there across the globe that although are not willing to seek medical professional help to battle back against baldness, they are also unwilling to take the steps needed to get their hair styled in order to wear it without drawing too much attention to the baldness.


For those thinking that the ‘Charlton Sweepover’ is the perfect disguise, its not. Fact.


You dont have to pay full price for your hair products, in fact you can make big savings on grooming products using the Mankind discount code, more details here.

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