Mosevic’s Solid Denim Sunglasses Usher A New Era In Denim Reuse

Mosevic’s Solid Denim Sunglasses Usher A New Era In Denim Reuse
19th April 2018 James Patrick
mosevic solid denim sunglasses

Mosevic sunglasses feature a durable frame made from recycled denim, the uniquely designed solid denim sunglasses, handmade in Cornwall are sure to inject character to your casual summer style. There’s no doubt the inventors have found a clever way to reuse denim, however, apart from the designs the solid denim sunglasses take on the recognisable features of denim such as texture, colour and durability. 


The solid denim sunglasses are handmade in Cornwall, England by two friends who have a background in product design and their passion for invention and originality is reflected from the very first range of sunglasses they produced.


The Manufacturing Process


mosevic sunglasses


Initially, the founders experimented with resin and recycled denim to make solid denim – the main material for the sunglasses and over the years they have perfected the process, as evident in their range of solid denim accessories.


Their novelty invention, solid denim is made by infusing layers of recycled denim fabric with a selected resin. All of this is done in their workshops at Cornwall, and because they hand make each pair of sunglasses, they are capable of controlling the quality. So you can be sure when you order a pair of sunglasses from Mosevic that they are of the highest quality.


The Design of The Solid Denim Sunglasses



The sunglasses’ frames are made of 6-10 layers of denim fabric and they still retain that unique denim look and feel, the exterior surface maintains the texture and colour of denim that we are familiar with, however the inside and edges are polished to achieve a smooth finish.


Branding is carefully etched into the inside of the arms ensuring its long lasting. While initially the lenses were available in brown and grey colours, the lenses are now available in a variety of exciting colours.


The Collection of Solid Denim Sunglasses

Each of the styles of the Mosevic solid denim sunglasses are available in three distinct denim colours of indigo, heritage and stone black.




The unisex sunglasses are available in styles including Kepler, Cassini, Burnell and Halley. Shop the range of solid denim sunglasses from Mosevic’s website.






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